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Francesca and her hats
Francesca is one of the ladies of the market. Since 1987 she iscreating her original hats in Ibiza and selling them on the Hippy Market.
She was part of the hippie era in California that suddenly ended very quickly. At that time Ibiza called her attention of its hippie reputation. So she decided to come here and when she saw that people could still continue living that way of life she liked it, and stayed.

What means being a craftsman for her?
She has spent her entire life dedicating to craft and for her the great value of being a craftsman is to be able to work for herself without having to answer to the wishes of others. She confesses us with her beautiful smile that "it means having the freedom to go your own way creating things that really make you happy"

How looks her daily life like?
She gets up every morning to create her creative hats using natural fibres for unique and quality pieces and always respecting the same schedule; from 9 to 2 and 5 to 8.

How does she see the importance of craftmanship in these days?
It is difficult to put everyone in the category of a craftsman, she is considering herself more as a designer. In the particular case of the craft of millinery, which is a tradition for a long time, it has lost a lot with all the imports from China. The quality has declined a lot today because the vast majority of the materials used today to make hats are synthetic.

What it means for her to sell her hats at the Hippy Market?
Longingly and with gratitude Francesca confesses that selling on the Hippy Market for her is already a kind of routine. After nearly 30 years getting up every Wednesday to sell their hats at the market it has become part of her life. She knows that every Wednesday she has to arrive early, put her stall and promote her product. Blessed routine!

What she misses of the first years of the market?
She likes to live in the present and not to miss the past. She feels just grateful to have been part of that generation that changed so many things and fought both for the environment, for a way to eat and live healthier and as well especially to respect the planet. She feels proud that it was that generation who started out with all this and that it has still an effect on our ways of life today .

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