Rico Loop

Hippy Market, 10th of  September 2014, a  las 14.00 hrs in our tent "La Carpa":
Ricoloop – One man jam

Rico creates musical compositions using many different instruments and objects, including guitar, bass, keyboard, melodica, harmonica, and glass bottles, along with his voice (singing and mouth percussion, or beat-boxing). He plays and records a segment of music, which then repeats continuously. He can then play another segment of music and layer it on top of the previous one. With each layer the composition becomes more complex. This is a new technique of live-producing, teaching the audience how music is compiled and arranged, and exploring how rhythms and melodies interact. Rico’s passion is to convey images and emotions through his music.

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Hippy Market, Wednesday, 24th of September 2014:
Funkorama - live at La Carpa at 14.00 h


Hippy Market, 15th of october 2014:
Shilenat - live at La Carpa at 14 h
Organic-electrónic massala

Edu Egito

Hippy Market, 8th of october 2014:
Edu Egito - live at La Carpa at 14 h
Edu Egito was born in Rio de Janeiro and since 2005 has been living in Europe using Barcelona and Ibiza/Formentera as portals to take his music to Spain, Italy, France, Malta, England, Brazil, and Thailand.
Edu, a very charismatic and talented singer, composer and guitarist, is one of the best representatives of modern Brazilian music in Europe. He is passionate about music which is for him is a universal language that can reach and touch each one of us, and it is the medium he uses to communicate, to soar, and to translate his experiences and feelings into sounds, rhythms and melodies.
His musical roots come from jazz and bossa-nova which he mixes with funk, soul, latin, african, rock, afro-brazilian rhythms (afoxe, iyexa, coco, jongo), and “world music.” He has been part of groups such as Soluço (bossa-nova/jazz), Kafuné (jazz fusion), Braziloop (afro-brazilian fusion) and Mistral Akaco (carnival - party music).
In his latest album Edu gives us stunning renditions of his songs solo, in duo, and in trio. Recorded both live and with studio production, the album shows us a mature and passionate artist.

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Bianca Ciocca

Hippy Market, 6h of June 2018:
Bianca (Worldmusic) - live at our tent "La Carpa" at 14 hs
Bianca and her band put together different kind of genres in a mixture of World Music. Mainly reggae and cumbia, their sound combines a magical mixture of Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop and Soul. Bianca’s powerful and engaging voice sounds perfectly in harmony with the trumpets notes and with the rest of the band, bewitching the public and leading them through an overwhelming musicalworld journey!



Bianca´s Blu Band

Hippy Market, 22th of October 2014:
Bianca's Blu Band - live in the "La Carpa" at 14 h
Bianca is an international singer, actress and dancer. Bianca's Blu Band show is fun and sexy, full of surprises. 

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Aura Mari

Hippy Market 27.04.2016
Aura Mari Trio - live at our tent "La Carpa" at 13.30 h

Jazz, Blues

Ashleigh Ashley

Hippy Market 17.06.2015
Ashleigh Ashley - live at our tent "La Carpa" at 14 h
Avantgarde R'n'B, Soul / Electronic, Narrative.
Songwriter best known for her lyrical narratives, complex melodies and distinctive London twang.

More information: http://ashleighashley.co.uk/


Hippy Market, 15th of August 2018
Jahbless - live in our tent La Carpa at 14.00 h
Roots Reggae Music Ibiza

Foto: Stefan Cygon www.seeandfeel.us

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