Acid Filter

Hippy Market, 28th of Augsut 2013:
Acid Filter

Acid Filter is an electronic music band that combines rhythms of funk, soul, rock and jazz with electronic sounds. Besides having a wide variety of original compositions they also adapt funky soul songs so the audiences entertainment is guaranteed in each Filter Acid concerts live.

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Paco Fernandez

Hippy Market, 11th of September 2013:
Paco Fernandez & band - live at our tent "La Carpa"from 15 h on
The story of Paco Fernández is the story of Ibiza…his music being transformed by the years as the waves erode the coast of the this island that he chose to call home a long time ago…

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Hippy Market, Wednesday, 14th of may 2014
Tremble - live; at 13.00 h in our tent La Carpa
Professional acoustic duo with Eddie Steijaart guitar and Nadine Roelands singer/songwriter from Zeeland/ NL. The selected pop rock songs are the impressions of traveling around the world for years, playing across all genres. Tremble brings you on a journey of love. Enjoy your trip.
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Miss Luna & Q de Rhino - Ibiza Live Radio

Hippy Market, 28th of May 2014:
Miss Luna & Q de Rhino - at our tent "La Carpa" from 14.00 h to 15.00 h
Miss Luna & Q de Rhino present "Rise & Shine" broadcasted live by Ibiza Live Radio.
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Son de Nadie

Hippy Market, Wednesday, 15th of June 2016
Son de nadie - live; at 14.00 h in our tent "La Carpa"
There is no doubt that Son de nadie would be the perfect band for any type of festival because they merge many styles in their music. Cumbia, caribbean rhythms, rock and many more.
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Hippy Market, 16th of July 2014:
Black Rose

Black Rose is the project formed by Evika Blue and Juanma Vidal in March 2012.
Born with the idea of doing covers of different artists and styles in a personal way, reinventing and reinterpreting many of the songs from his extensive repertoire. So, a Rock song is played in key of Reggae, Pop is turned into ambient, or a Bolero moves to Bossa Nova, while never forgetting the Blues.

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Hippy Market, 30th of July 2014, at 14.00 h in our multicultural tent "La Carpa":
Justin&Freud – Funk/Soul/R&B/Reggae/Rock

If you like funk, NuFunk, cool rhythms with touches of classic refreshed Soul, R&B, Reggae and Rock.

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Ibossim Flamenco

Hippy Market, 29th of October 2014:
Ibosim Flamenco - live in the "La Carpa" at 15 h
The group Ibosim was formed in Ibiza gathering musicians from different nationalities and the gypsy ethnie. Its members have a long history of working in various national and international line-ups. Together they decide to make a band to play various musical styles such as flamenco, jazz and Latin music, offering a range of different styles like tango, boleros and latin jazz. Always remembering the essence of flamenco. 
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The Chevy Novas

Hippy Market, 25th of May 2016, at 14.00 h in our multicultural tent "La Carpa":

The Chevy Novas – New Pop, Dance Songs


Duendes Escapaos

Hippy Market, 3rd of September 2014, at 14.00 h in our multicultural tent "La Carpa":
Duendes Escapaos – Fusión Cazurra

Rock, Flamenco, Funk,Reggae

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